Sew Resourceful

Whether you’re a newbie or veteran seamstress, dressmaker or craft hobbyist, you’ll love this section of Behind the Designs!

It’s chock-ful of resources that will help you move your sewing projects from pending to completion with fewer headaches and ideally, less seam ripping.

Crafty tools like these curated in one place to save you time and money!

Still trying to locate that hard-to-find fabric? Consult our Fabric Wizard to track down seemingly elusive home and fashion prints you need for your next sewing project.

Tired of stumbling over tricky sewing terms? Need help identifying common fabric types? You’ll thank me later for our Fabric Glossary! Login to Behind the Designs! and check it out.

Not quite sure how much fabric you need? Enter your measurements in the Fabric Calculator, get an estimate of the yardage you need – then purchase the fabric here on Easy peasy!

You can also share tips, tweaks, suggestions AND referrals with fellow creators in the Sew Alchemy tribe.

Speaking of which — hurry in to check out the article on shoe transformations! Learn how to take those old, comfy shoes you love from “meh” to “aye!” in less than an hour, glue, scissors and ½ yard of fabric.

Without further ado,

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